10 facts about Tesco you probably didn’t know…

Here we have some facts about Britain’s largest supermarket that you might not have know. You might reconsider your shopping habits after reading the following facts:

Fact 1: £1 in every £7 was spent in a Tesco store during 2007.

Fact 2: Tesco use their powers to squeeze farmers’ prices. A Competition Commission investigation against Tesco shows that Tesco pay  their farmers nearly 4% below the average of other retailers in the UK. There is also no evidence that this saving is passed onto their shoppers.

Fact 3: ActionAid found that workers in Costa Rica providing bananas for export were paid just 33p per hour. This wage is so low they couldn’t afford to take a break whilst dangerous pesticides were being sprayed on the crops.

Face 4: Unite The Nation have a long running campaign against Tesco over the conditions of their employees in the meat chain market.

Fact 5: The New Economics Foundation have proved that fresh fruit and vegetables are actually cheaper to buy in a market or produce store. However Tesco open enough stores to drive these market stalls out of business due to ‘convenience.’

Fact 6: Tesco offer their best deals in out of town supermarkets and not in local convenient stores or in city centres. This encourages driving and excludes people without transport (cars) to the stores.

Fact 7: Between 1997 and 2002 an average of 50 businesses was forced to close every week due to the expansion of supermarkets. Mainly due to Tesco.

Fact 8: Tesco is Europe’s biggest property chain. In 2007 they had assets valuing over £28 billion.

Fact 9: Tesco are not a net creator of jobs. Because they aggressively force local shops out of business and then provide the minimal possible service to customers. On average every time a large Tesco supermarket opens, 267 people lose their jobs.

Fact 10: Between 2003 and 2007 the Labour Party accepted donations of £54,194 from Tesco.

We hope you found those facts interesting. FinanCell would like you to vote for your supermarket below!


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